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When we accidentally delete some web, it could be found in Central Administration’s Recycle Bin(http://server/_layouts/15/AdminRecycleBin.aspx?View=2) But if we delete Site Collection(that contains all these webs) – in Recycle Bin there will be nothing. You can simply delete site collection like any other web, and there is no one way to restore it from Web Interface […]

iLoveSharepoint Power Webpart allows Sharepoint 2010 to inject Powershell scripts directly to Sharepoint portal pages. As behind Powershell is all the power of .NET framework(and not only that), it allows you to create interesting solutions, without opening Visual Studio and WSP deployment. Let’s create some function in Powershell. For example – will greet the user […]

New VM configurations in Windows Azure

Posted: 4th January 2015 by Gennady in Azure, PowerShell
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In Windows Azure there are new virtual machines configurations. Some of them could be interesting for testing purposes, like “D11”: Existing configuration could be changed in UI or with this code: where VMsize is a value from this list: ExtraSmall,Small,Medium,Large,ExtraLarge,A5,A6,A7,A8,A9,Basic_A0,Basic_A1,Basic_A2, Basic_A3,Basic_A4,Standard_D1,Standard_D2,Standard_D3,Standard_D4,Standard_D11, Standard_D12,Standard_D13,Standard_D14

Official instruction on microsoft is here: Configure an environment for apps for SharePoint (SharePoint 2013) Problem: Win 2012, Sharepoint Server 2013 (15.0.4420.1017) You download Sharepoint App using Site Contents-> “Add an app”-> “Sharepoint Store”. It download successfully and appears with green “New” label. But when You try to add it to the page, it asks password […]

If You use virual machines actively, sometimes there is situation when there is too much snapshots. System Center Virtual Machine Manager cannot delete the whole tree. It still could be done through the remote management console, but You can also use Hyper-V powershell library to do it. Download link: To avoid installation errors, You first need to right-click […]