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If You use virual machines actively, sometimes there is situation when there is too much snapshots. System Center Virtual Machine Manager cannot delete the whole tree. It still could be done through the remote management console, but You can also use Hyper-V powershell library to do it. Download link: To avoid installation errors, You first need to right-click […]

A short time ago we ended to test script on VB, that allows to backup Virtual machines running on Windows Hyper-V Server 2008 R2. We can’t use xcopy for running Hyper-V virtual machine; on stopped we can, but this requires some additional additional steps, that I described earlier. Also You can use solutions like Data Protection Manager […]

Of course, You should use this information on Your own risk, make backups and understand what you are doing. Post is created under the impression of Alexander Kupchinets​ky’s post In earlier versions(like Virtual Server 2005 R2),  when You need to move or restore virtual machine, You could only copy VHD and correct the config files. In Hyper-V these […]