My method allows to install SharePoint to “not fully supported Windows versions”.


Sharepoint 2010 Prerequisites installation gives errors. In most cases it happens when You try to install SharePoint to “not fully supported Windows version”.


PrerequisiteInstaller.exe — Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000006). Click OK to close the application.



1) Unpack Sharepoint ISO to some folder, example C:\SharepointInstall. Ensure that You downloaded the latest versoin with all integrated service-packs

2) Download prerequisites. Use PS scripts that help with this task:

for 2010 version

for 2013

Before use, You probably should right-click on downloaded file-> Properties-> “Unblock”. When scripts asks destination folder – point C:\SharepointInstall.

As a result – files should be in C:\SharepointInstall\prerequisiteinstallerfiles\ folder(and near should be FilterPack file):

enter image description here

3)  For 2010: Run Prerequisites.exe. Installation should start:

enter image description here

If installation give error like

Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB976462): installation error

then close Prerequisites.exe and rerun it second time.

enter image description here

For 2013:

create in c:\SharepointInstall cmd file, example “mysetup.cmd”:


prerequisiteinstaller.exe /SQLNCLi:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\sqlncli.msi /PowerShell:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\Windows6.1-KB2506143-x64.msu /NETFX:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\dotNetFx45_Full_x86_x64.exe /IDFX:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\Windows6.1-KB974405-x64.msu /Sync:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\Synchronization.msi /AppFabric:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe /IDFX11:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\MicrosoftIdentityExtensions-64.msi /MSIPCClient:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\setup_msipc_x64.msi /WCFDataServices:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\WcfDataServices.exe /quiet /KB2671763:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\AppFabric1.1-RTM-KB2671763-x64-ENU.exe

Run it. Products preparation menu will display:

enter image description here

Install, restart as many times as needed, configure.

enter image description here

Of course this method implies that You have clear new win installation with all latest packs already installed.


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