WSS 3.0, VS 2008

Working with Sharepoint, in most case we add reference to Microsoft.SharePoint.dll and

using Microsoft.SharePoint;

in code and at least.

To do it automatically, we can edit zipped Viusual Studio tempates, that are stored in

Let’s take for example. Add “using Microsoft.SharePoint;” string in Program.cs file:


and a tag for reference in ConsoleApplication.csproj:

 <Reference Include="System" /> 
 <Reference Include="System.Data"/> 
 <Reference Include="System.Xml" /> 
 <Reference Include="Microsoft.SharePoint" /> 

Reference path should be included in windows “Path” variable,


in this case.

That’s all – now after Console Application creation – Sharepoint assembly is already included, and we can write SharePoint code right away.

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