A short time ago we ended to test script on VB, that allows to backup Virtual machines running on Windows Hyper-V Server 2008 R2.

We can’t use xcopy for running Hyper-V virtual machine; on stopped we can, but this requires some additional additional steps, that I described earlier. Also You can use solutions like Data Protection Manager or Backup Exec by Symantec, but they are bulky and not free.

The author of the script – rex_3. VB script allows to create virtual machine backup on hot, so You don’t need to turn off Your VM or to put it on “Save state”. Also script can return Virtual Machine back from backup, and merge differencing disks to one(which can then be used for cloning).

HyperV Backup Tool v0.6.3

Where could be downloaded:  http://sysadmins.ru/topic247352.html

Script works on Windows Hyper-V Server 2008 R2. In “Core versions” of windows server You can add it in schedule using AT command, for example:


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